Porcelain Tiling Services

Porcelain Tiling Services

Porcelain tiles combine great aesthetics with fit-and-forget durability

They are available in a wide range of finishes, including those that closely resemble natural stone, but without the associated maintenance and upkeep requirements.

The perfect tile?

Porcelain is actually a type of ceramic, being made from natural clay, but with a finely ground sand added to mix. It is fired at much higher temperatures than normal ceramic tiles too. This makes it denser, more hardwearing and therefore better suited for external applications and floors that anticipate heavier traffic.

Solid porcelain is one colour all the way through, which means even if they do get scratched it is less likely to show.


Expert installation

Because porcelain is that much denser and more brittle than ceramic tiles, it is a harder and more technical material to cut and set properly, placing more emphasis on the skill of the tiler, the processes used and the choice of adhesives. The specific methodologies developed by CSG Ceramic Tiling ensure a right first approach to achieving a beautiful, high quality finish.

Ideal for underfloor heating

Porcelain floors are ideal for underfloor heating as they have good thermal conductivity and are relatively thin when compared to other hard flooring such as natural stone. When installed correctly, using suitable flexible adhesives and grout, they are all but impervious to cracking due to temperature changes.

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