Natural Stone Tiling Services Suffolk

Natural Stone Tiling Services

The supply and expert installation of limestone, marble, granite and slate tiles

The “wow” factor

Natural stone tiles have a timeless beauty and texture, and can add the wow factor to a property. Being a natural product they vary in colour and tone, and every tile is unique, which is one of the reasons why they are increasingly popular for top end residences.


Natural stone tiles are available in a range of styles, types and finish, from highly polished marble through to riven, hand-cut slate. They can be used anywhere in the home.


Expert installation

Natural stone is a challenging material to work with as each piece is different and needs to be carefully installed. The appeal of the finish is totally at the mercy of the expertise, care and skill of the installer. CSG Tiling has extensive experience in installing natural stone tiles, and a robust and proven methodology to achieve stunning results every time.

Aftercare and maintenance

Natural stone floor tiles typically require resealing periodically to prevent water penetration and staining. Wall tiles don’t usually require re-sealing after the initial application.

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