Ceramic Tiling Services in Suffolk

Ceramic Tiling Services

Ceramic tiles are made from kiln-fired natural clay, and are usually finished with a durable, wipe-clean glaze that carries the colour and pattern.

An attractive and practical solution for bathroom and kitchen walls, ceramic tiles are stain, scratch and fire resistant and will not fade in sunlight. They are also available in a wide range of finishes, including high-gloss and matte.

Things to be aware of

While ceramic tiles can be used for flooring, they are softer and less durable than porcelain tiles and so this should be limited to areas with light footfall. Ceramic tiles are best reserved for internal use only, as they are more porous than other types of tile, creating a higher chance that they could absorb water, freeze and then crack during the winter months.

Right first time results

Ceramic tiles are a unique, timeless and elegant solution for the modern residence, but it is the quality of the installation makes all the difference to how appealing the end result is. Our tiling methods ensure perfect, showroom results every time.

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